In this section, contacts for national and regional energy agencies are listed for each of the PEA partner countries. Additionally national contacts for different funding schemes within the EU are listed as well. Click on the flags to reach the pages with contacts for every individuell country.

National and Regional Energy Agencies

A full map of European Energy Agencies can be downloaded here.

Beside the map a directory of energy agencies is provided by the european commission and can be downloaded here as well.
Energy Agency review

In 2010, a review of energy agencies took place to evaluate the relevance of EU funding for local and regional energy agencies.

You can download the reports here:
Final Report 2010
Annexes to Final Report

National Contacts for Fundings

Intelligent Energy Europe - National contacts

This page is part of the PEA Wiki. PEA (Public Energy Alternatives) is a partly EU-funded project in the Baltic Sea Region.

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