PEA - Public Energy Alternatives

Promoting renewable energy sources for attractive towns and regions!

The PEA - Public Energy Alternatives partnership is a partly EU-funded project through which renewable energy sources are to be promoted as a driving force for business, technology, and engineering in the Baltic Sea Region. 21 Partners from 6 countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland) around the Baltic Sea together with experts from various scientific areas of expertise will try to show that there are existing and potential energy saving capacities that can be tapped into, strengthened and expanded. Measures taken with this aim in mind will undoubtedly increase the quality of life in communities and regions in the Baltic Sea area.

Furthermore the partnership understands that any concrete measures must be preceded by a discussion and concept that observes current administrative and technological practices and constraints.

PEA is interested in working together with other projects. It is important for the success of the ensuing project work that ideas and results can be shared and discussed with professionals that have an external and independent interpretation of the subject. For this project idea to have an enduring effect, the members are aiming to extend the exchange of ideas beyond the offical end of this project.

This page is part of the PEA Wiki. PEA (Public Energy Alternatives) is a partly EU-funded project in the Baltic Sea Region.

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