Renewable Energy Guide

The main objective of the tool is to provide assistance to local policy makers considering various RES projects. The tool enable to make reasonable decision which kind of the RES is suitable for a given region as well as helps to evaluate the project after completion.

Besides it provide opportunities of mutual learning on expert level encompassing aspects from broader regional cooperation to specific instruments and policies. It should really be implemented on bottom up basis where the content of the visits is defined by the experts themselves and where the programme is tailor made to their specific interest and needs. The expert exchange programme has the following goals:

  • Sharing best practice in regional sustainable energy policies;
  • Creating concrete cooperation schemes for the improvement of regional energy policies.

The goals could be reached by the following activities undertaken during the benchmarking and expert exchange:

  • Common study visits, staff exchanges, seminars, trainings, etc,
  • Know how transfer and mutual learning about specific tools/ methodologies,
  • Knowledge and technology transfer by providing advice on the implementation of specific tools/methodologies and/or technologies,
  • Partner search and matchmaking activities for partner regions.

Renewable Energy Guide

This page is part of the PEA Wiki. PEA (Public Energy Alternatives) is a partly EU-funded project in the Baltic Sea Region.

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